Box will let employees work from home until at least 2021

Another tech company is joining the list of those planning on going remote for the long haul: Box.

Box CEO Aaron Levie announced this morning that the company will “remain a digital-first organization” moving forward. While it sounds like they’re still working out exactly what that entails, one key aspect is that Box employees will be able to work “from anywhere” until at least January of 2021.

Box isn’t planning to ditch the office outright. In a blog post about the shift, Levie notes that plenty of people prefer working from an office, and that the company is aware of the “power of having office hubs where in-person communities, mentorship, networking, and creativity can happen.” Instead, they’ll be focusing on finding ways to make a hybrid setup — some remote, some in office — work. Meanwhile, they’re shifting all future all-hands meetings to virtual, adjusting their interview/onboarding process for remote hiring and offering stipends to employees looking to build out their home office setups.

More and more companies are promising to making work-from-home/work-from-anywhere setups work, albeit with varying levels of commitment. Box joins companies like Google and Spotify in making it officially okay until at least 2021; Square and Twitter, meanwhile, both went ahead and just made it permanent policy.

Levie will be joining us for an Extra Crunch Live interview on May 28th. Find the details here.