Here are the 15 companies presenting at Alchemist Accelerator’s first fully digital demo day

As with just about any big gathering, the traditional approach to Demo Day — in which a startup incubator debuts all of its latest companies to a huge room full of investors — has been put on hold until further notice.

Instead, more and more accelerators are taking Demo Day fully digital. The latest to go all-remote is Alchemist Accelerator, which will host its first entirely online Demo Day later today.

Alchemist director Ravi Belani tells me they’re aiming to figure out how to make this work for the long haul rather than approaching it as a one-off, building up an internal platform that allows potential investors to easily connect with each company’s founders or see which startups have had the most connection requests. Even if the idea of an in-person demo day returns, he says, it’ll help them expand their audience beyond those who can be in the room.

Want to watch along as the companies present? Alchemist has made a public stream available, which should go live at 2 pm pacific.

Just want a quick breakdown? Here’s all 15 companies that are scheduled to present, plus a little bit about what they’re aiming to do:

Spext: Trim and adjust audio — for a podcast, for example — by editing the transcript in a word processor-style interface.

Flivery: Fully autonomous drone delivery with minimal labor/infrastructure requirements.

Frontier Bio: A 3D printer for printing human tissues, meant to help in the process of things like tissue implants, drug toxicity testing or the development of personalized medicine. A drag-and-drop platform for integrating AI and computer vision into your existing apps, with a marketplace for developers to share what they’ve built.

BeeCanvas: A white-boarding tool for remote teams.

WeConvert: Smart trash bins, meant to help businesses and public spaces better understand how their bins are being used. Their analytics dashboard can help teams figure out things like how often to schedule pickups, or which bins could be better utilized somewhere else.

Harness: A platform meant to help you build out and support startup communities.

Materiall: An AI/ML tool meant to help retailers better understand what an individual customer is looking for and surface it accordingly.

Veeh: A marketplace for local businesses to offer up their free space – idle TVs, empty walls, etc. — as ad space.

Veda Labs: AI for retail spaces (heatmaps, customer demographics, etc.) generated from your existing video/CCTV setup.

CameraOpus: Smartphone-based 3D scanning tool.

FleetSimplify: A customizable fleet management app to connect vehicle fleet owners with potential drivers, source insurance policies, track and monitor repairs, etc.

Renovai: AI-powered interior design tool to let furniture retailers pitch room concepts to potential buyers

BrainHi: An automated, SMS-powered receptionist for dentist and doctors offices, meant to help with things like appointment scheduling when no one is available to answer.

Inti Tech: Robotic solar power cleaning to help solar farms maximize panel efficiency.