Extra Crunch Live: Join Hunter Walk for our live chat right now

Today at 10am PDT, two-thirds of the Equity crew are sitting down with Hunter Walk, a venture capitalist with Homebrew and well-known seed-stage investor.

Continuing TechCrunch’s running series of Extra Crunch Live discussions with prominent people in the tech industry, bringing Walk in for a discussion is fitting. Our recent chat with Sequoia Roelof Botha’s gave us a slightly later-stage look at the world of startups, for example. And our conversation last week with Mark Cuban gave us an anti-VC perspective on startup growth and profitability.

Danny and Alex will dig through the health of the seed-stage market with Walk, working to understand which cohort of super early-stage startups are the best capitalized, and the best prepared, to survive the COVID-19 era’s worsening economy and changing consumer and business spending patterns.

Fintech is also on the docket, given that Homebrew has put money into Chime (a popular neobank that has raised an ocean of capital), Finix (a payments infra startup that recently annoyed Stripe), and Plaid (which Visa bought for billions earlier this year).

And we will also talk about whether now is a good time to begin a startup — does the economy bode well for new startups?

Plus, we will take your questions, so come prepared with them.

Details for Extra Crunch members are below. You can grab a trial for a few bucks here if you need one. See you all later today!

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