Grenco Science acquires Stündenglass, a contactless water pipe company founded by ex-Apple employee

Grenco Science just added a new product to its wide-ranging offering of vaporizers and ancillary products. Stündenglass was founded by Tracey Huston and produced a wild-looking water pipe that uses kinetic motion, water, and opposing airflow to create a unique, contactless experience.

The exact terms of the deal were not disclosed though the purchase price was under $1m and the founder and one other employee are joining the Grenco Science team.

“We recognize Tracey Huston’s ingenuity and the accomplishment of bringing that vision to life, Grenco Science will help by bringing this product into our global expansion plan,” said Chris Folkerts, CEO, and Founder of Grenco Science. “We look forward to extending this newest design through our product pipeline and other versions to come.”

With the Stündenglass, users do not need to make contact with a shared mouthpiece. A hookah system gives each user partaking a different mouthpiece, perfect in this time of social distancing. The company says the system patented system features gravitationally delivered water filtration that deliveries vaporized material smoothly.

Stündenglass founder and CEO Tracey Huston said in a released statement that joining the Grenco team will accelerate the development of this device.

Grenco Science was founded in 2012 and has since released a handful of novel vaporizers. Most recently, the company unveiled a pocketable water vaporizer that allows users to dab concentrates on the go. In 2019 Grenco Science closed a series A funding round with participation from Serruya Private Equity and Stable Road Capital.