Porsche unveils CarPlay-equipped radios for vintage Porsches

Own a classic Porsche? Who doesn’t? The German automaker today unveiled a line of head units designed to replicate the vintage look while still featuring modern connectivity such as Bluetooth, DAB+, and Apple CarPlay.

These radios are official Porsche hardware and are available in 1-DIN or 2-DIN variants, allowing them to fit in vehicles from the ‘60s to the ‘90s.

Sure, a touchscreen-only interface would look a little out of place in a ’76 911 Carrera, which is why the units come equipped with buttons and dials to help complete the vintage look. In the ‘90s, Porsche moved to a larger, 2-DIN design, and for these models, the available head unit features a much-larger touchscreen along with buttons and dials.

Both units are available from Porsche dealers and represent the German automaker’s stance keeping vintage Porsches on the road as long as possible. With these units, owners can retrofit vehicles to have the convenience of the latest technology. Automakers have long offered parts for classic cars but few are bringing modern connectivity to the driver.