Apple Music’s web interface exits beta

Apple has done a good job closing the gap between Spotify and its own music streaming service. But the former still maintains some advantages, a list that until recently included a robust web interface. As a Spotify user myself, I find myself frequently using the browser interface on different devices.

Apple’s been working on its own version of course, but for the past six months, it’s only been available as a beta. The interface dropped that tag today, officially going live sans-beta URL. As noted by MacRumors, the interface looks nearly identical to the desktop app, but bringing it to browsers allows for a lot more cross-platform flexibility.

Once logged in with an Apple ID, your music library should be visible. The news also comes as Apple prepares for tonight’s One World: Together at Home concert, co-hosted by three late-night comedians and featuring everyone from Paul McCartney and Elton John to Lady Gaga and Lizzo.