Slite raises $11 million for its internal notes tool

French startup Slite has raised an $11 million Series A round led by Spark Capital with existing investors also participating. Slite is a sort of multiplayer Evernote. It lets you collect and organize documentation, create shared documents and build a company handbook.

Many companies struggle to keep a single source of truth when it comes to corporate policies, project documentation and product roadmaps. Services like Google Docs and Dropbox Paper have partly solved this issue by transforming documents into shareable links.

But it’s a mess as you have to grant access to the right people, share folders with your team and dig around multiple documents to find what you’re looking for.

A new category of tools have solved that issue by expanding beyond documents to create a knowledge base for your company. Confluence and Notion are particularly popular among tech companies for instance.

Slite wants to build a product that is as simple to use as Google Docs but as powerful as Confluence. Companies with hundreds or thousands of employees should be able to use it without ever feeling lost.

“[Slite] can be used by literally everyone in the company, by the engineering team of course, but also by the support team, operations team, marketing team, etc.” co-founder and CEO Christophe Pasquier told me.

A Slite document can contain text, tasks, tables and links to other documents. You can create a wiki-like experience for your most essential documents.

You can organize documents by channel, which lets you manage permissions easily. A channel can be your entire company, a department in particular or people working on a new project across multiple departments.

And because everything is centralized in the service, you can search across multiple documents and channels. You can also create templates that you can easily reuse across multiple meetings for instance. It could be useful for monthly reports as well.

When it comes to editing a document, multiple people can edit a document in real time. You can mention other team members to send them a notification, see previous versions of a document, create a link and share it on other services.

Slite has attracted 4,000 companies, including Airbnb, Spotify and WeTransfer. The startup had raised $4 million before today’s funding round and participated in Y Combinator a couple of years ago.