Avoid cables entirely with Satechi’s new AirPods dock

At their best, Satechi’s products sit somewhere between the silly and the sublime (practicality is nice, too, if you can manage). In spite of a profoundly uninspiring name, the USB-C Wireless Charging Dock for Apple AirPods fit the bill pretty nicely. There’s nothing about the product that specifically fits the company’s opportunistic pitch of “easy and convenient charging while working from home,” but for a select cross-section of Apple enthusiasts, the strange little dock likely hits a perfect sweet spot.

The accessory follows in the footsteps of a similarly designed Apple Watch charging dock, essentially letting you plug a pair of AirPods directly into a USB-C port — be it a MacBook, iPad Pro or what have you. It’s a fun solution if you’re aesthetically skeeved out by wires, or are just constantly let down by Lightning cables, as many of us are.

The dock serves as a wireless charger and cradle, probably best used when your laptop is sitting on a desk rather than your actual lap. The product’s width also looks as though it will monopolize both ports on one side of your MacBook.

It’s compatible with both standard and Pro AirPods (assuming you’ve got a wireless charging case) and sports a matching little charging light to indicate that it’s working. The dock is available as a pre-order now. It’s set to start shipping in May, priced at $30 (or $25 during a limited-time pre-order discount).