Say hello to Equity Mondays, the newest podcast from TechCrunch

Hello TechCrunch readers and Equity listeners alike. This morning we have something new for you that Chris and I are excited about: We’re doubling the pace that we bring Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, to your phone or computer.

Starting this morning and continuing on Monday mornings moving forward, the Equity crew will put together a short, zero-bullshit episode designed to get your week started.

What news did you miss over the weekend? What recent venture rounds do you need to know about? What’s ahead in the coming week? And what’s on our minds? That’s what Equity Monday will bring you each and every morning in about seven minutes.

We will continue to release the Equity that you know every Friday, with new and familiar hosts. We are excited about 2020 and all things that Equity has coming.

Sound good? Let’s talk about what’s going on right now.

Hello, Monday

The markets are a mess this morning, unsurprising given rising global geopolitical tension and rising energy prices. But inside the world of technology there were warning signs of other sorts.

Wired’s latest look at on-demand buses caught our eye, especially in light of what the failure of some pilot tests could mean for ride-hailing giants. And Instagram’s slowing growth looks like a bummer for Facebook, even if you could construe the news as a shot in the arm for tech startups looking to break into the social media space.

Looking ahead, it’s CES this week, meaning that half the reporters you know are trapped in Las Vegas, slowly turning into walking plague victims, while the other half are gloating from home that they didn’t have to go. TechCrunch has a great look back at CES history, and The Verge did good work here looking at what to expect from tech companies at the show.

Three funding rounds caught our eye this morning:

Wrapping things up we had questions about One Medical’s impending IPO. Mostly relating, if we’re being fair, to what the company is really worth. We’re back to the question of what a tech company is, and maybe isn’t.

We’re off to get that post done so hit play, catch up and we’ll be back on Friday with Equity as it always has been.

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