Netflix and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop Lab’ will launch on January 24

“The Goop Show,” an upcoming reality series co-hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow and tied to her lifestyle company Goop, now has a launch date and a trailer.

Goop has faced many accusations of promoting and selling pseudoscience — most notoriously, perhaps, in selling jade eggs for vaginas — and it seems like the series is embracing the site’s reputation, as it will feature what Netflix calls “boundary-pushing wellness topics.”

In fact, the company also released an eyebrow-raising poster today, with the tagline “reach new depths.”

And if you watch the trailer, you’ll see that the topics will include energy healing, psychedelics, cold therapy, psychic mediums and orgasms. At one point, Goop’s chief content officer, Elise Loehnen (who’s co-hosting with Paltrow), declares, “What we try to do at Goop is explore ideas that may seem out there or too scary.”

The show was first announced in February 2019. It will premiere on January 24.

This may also be a good time to remind people of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ remarks last year, in response to questions about the decision to pull an episode of Hasan Minaj’s “Patriot Act” in Saudi Arabia: “We’re not in the truth to power business, we’re in the entertainment business.”