AWS announces UltraWarm tier for Amazon Elasticsearch Service

AWS announced a new tier for Amazon Elasticsearch Service. And it could potentially lead to some cost savings. It is now available in preview. There are now two storage tiers for Amazon Elasticsearch Service — hot and UltraWarm.

Hot is still the most effective tier when you care about performance. You can use the hot tier for indexing and anything that requires fast access to data.

With UltraWarm, you can store up to 900TB of storage and get up to 90% in cost reduction compared to existing options. With UltraWarm, Amazon Elasticsearch Service looks at blocks of data and determines if they’re frequently accessed or not frequently accessed. Not frequently accessed data is moved to S3, which helps you save money.

Interestingly, you can query and visualize Elasticsearch data across both hot and UltraWarm data. Data stored on the UltraWarm tier uses the same APIs, so you can use the same tools you already use. You also can enable encryption at rest and in flight, integrated alerting, SQL querying just like you were already doing.

The UltraWarm tier leverages the AWS Nitro System to cache and query data. Customers can access the preview in the U.S. East (N. Virginia) and U.S. West (Oregon) regions.