Here’s the math behind Tesla’s dumb Cybertruck vs F-150 tow test

A couple weeks back, Tesla unveiled its first pickup truck, called the Cybertruck. During its unveiling, the company showed a butt-to-butt pull-off. Besides being a silly test, this particular demo was flawed in multiple ways, giving the Tesla a major advantage. Here’s the math to prove it.

It’s likely Tesla will redo this test if it hasn’t already. After the original test went viral, a VP at Ford suggested Musk send Ford a Cybertruck so the company behind the F-150 can produce a better comparison. Ford quickly released a statement saying the comment was tongue-in-cheek and Ford has nothing to prove. However, Musk had already responded, telling the Ford VP to “bring it on,” later noting that Tesla would conduct another test “next week.”

It looks great on video to connect two trucks and have a pull-off, but it produces little real-world conclusions. A better test would involve weighted trailers and conclusions based off range, handling and capacity — you know, things that matter to truck buyers.