Mojichat is partnering with Streamlabs to create customized emotes of streamers

Mojichat, the Los Angeles startup which makes full-body, animated emojis, is launching a partnership with Streamlabs to offer gamers an opportunity to sell customized emojis to fans and potential sponsors.

Viewers can create customized Mojichat emotes that can be displayed in chat boxes next to their names, that will appear in-stream if they donate to gamers, or be integrated into a livestream in front of viewers.

The partnership driven by Streamlabs exclusive agreement with Mojichat, is designed to increase engagement among the streaming communities, the companies said in a statement.

Moijchat said that it partnered with Streamlabs because the streaming company holds about 80% of the streamers in the world. Last year Streamlabs processed 150 million in bit donations, which is Mojichat’s core model, according to a spokesperson. Streamlabs gives Mojichat 2 million streamers instantly to back into.

Users need to download the Streamlabs app to create their customized Mojichat character — designing the character with their choice of face shapes, hair, skin types, hairstyles, clothes, and animation options.

Use their Mojichat avatar on any streaming video gaming platform like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch or Mixer.

“For streamers, it’s a way to substantially augment their income as well as create a unique gaming persona without the expense of hiring a graphic designer,” says Mojichat chief executive Jeremy Greene. “For viewers, it’s a way to be more than a name on the chat interface and even participate in the stream. These are firsts that will change the game – literally.”