Disney+ adds ‘Continue Watching’ feature

The launch of Disney+ has been successful in terms of sign-ups and adoption, but the user experience wasn’t quite up to par with what you get from other streaming services out the gate. Most noticeable was the lack of an easy way to pick up streaming where you left off. But that changes today with a new “Continue Watching” section being added to the app’s homepage across all platforms where Disney+ is available.

It should show up automatically as a new fourth row under the “Originals” section. It behaves just as you’d expect, giving you a list of in-progress movies and shows that you’re watching, with a progress bar and the amount of time remaining. Tapping any of the images will jump right back into that content at the place where you left off, and the resume feature works across your logged-in devices.

Turns out that this feature was supposed to be live at launch but was removed temporarily prior to the service going live so that the service’s engineers could focus on making sure other elements worked as intended for consumers. Disney+ still had its share of launch issues, including temporary inaccessibility due to overwhelming volume.