BMW unveils the powerful i4 electric sedan with 530 hp, 373 miles of range

BMW just took the wraps off its first purely electric premium mid-size sedan. Appropriately called the i4, the vehicle is powered by the company’s fifth-generation eDrive platform and is just part of the company’s upcoming onslaught of EVs. But put down the credit card. This car isn’t coming until late 2021, at the earliest.

Right now, BMW says the i4 will produce 530 hp, making it more potent on paper than BMW’s formidable M3. Combined with the 80 kWh battery, it’s good for a 0 to 62 mph sprint in about four seconds and a top speed of 125 mph. The WLTP cycle, which is different from the EPA ratings, clocks in at 600 kilometers, or about 373 miles.

The i4 uses the fifth-generation BMW eDrive, which will be first available in the iX3 in 2020, followed by the iNEXT. BMW says this platform features a brand new electric motor, power electronics, charging unit and high-voltage battery. The battery implementation in the i4 is flat, according to BMW’s press release, and weighs 550 kilograms. For reference, the battery pack in the Tesla Model 3 weighs 480 kg.

A lot of questions remain about the i4, including the final design. BMW is showing off the model with camouflage, signaling there could be changes in the sheet metal. The price is still yet to be announced, along with how it will sit within BMW’s 4 series lineup. Right now, the i4 looks excellent, but it’s still a few years out, and the landscape will likely look different by the time it hits dealers.