Ford’s all-electric SUV is officially the ‘Mustang Mach-E,’ and you can reserve one starting Nov. 17

Ford has revealed the official name of its forthcoming EV SUV, which has a Mustang lineage and will be officially revealed on November 17 in LA. The new vehicle is called the Mustang Mach-E, and following its official unveiling (hosted by Idris Elba, by the way), you’ll be able to actually sign up online and reserve one by putting down a $500 deposit.

The reservation system will include access to a limited “First Edition” set of cars, about which Ford says it will provide details during the launch event. The deposit is also fully refundable, in case you get cold feet, and people who put down deposits will later get the opportunity to actually configure their vehicle prior to delivery. During the reservation process, you also select your preferred Ford dealer, presumably for eventually picking up the car.

Ford’s teases of the vehicle so far suggest a crossover-style electric SUV, and Ford has put up some collateral material on the web with a few additional clues about what it will offer, including a targeted EPA range rating of “at least” 300 miles, and a charging rate of around 47 miles in just 10 minutes with a 150kW DC fast charger, with two years of free charging across Ford’s EV charger network included.

Below, you can see all the hints and glimpses of the car we’ve gotten from Ford so far, and you can probably fill in the gaps via imagination and reference to the existing Ford Mustang, but November 17 will finally reveal all, and we’ll definitely have coverage here on TC to satisfy your curiosity.

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