LogRocket lands $15M Series B, announces new tool to track customer metrics

LogRocket is a startup on a mission to help companies root out and fix website app errors quickly and efficiently, and it seems to be going well. Today, the company announced a $15 million Series B investment led by Battery Ventures.

The company also announced a new tool called LogRocket Metrics to help developers understand how widespread a particular problem might be. It’s no secret that people tend to be impatient when an app or website isn’t working right, and you can lose a customer over a bad experience.

LogRocket CEO and co-founder Matthew Arbesfeld says the new tool provides deep analytics across the customer experience. “With this new functionality called LogRocket Metrics, the developer can search across all their customers to determine the frequency and the impact of a problem to see if it affected your conversion rate, how many people were affected and who was affected,” Arbesfeld explained.

He says this will work like an error search engine, and in fact, they are actually indexing every interaction to help the developer find wherever that error has occurred. “Let’s say you’re using a site and you see a specific error message on the screen. The developer who’s working on that site can actually search, kind of like Google, across every customer that saw that specific error message,” he said.

Typically the error will come to the attention of the development team after a person reports a problem through the site or by contacting customer service, and this provides a means to find out just how many other people might be seeing the same error.

As for the money, the company has raised more than $30 million now. Arbesfeld says it still has most of its $11 million Series A in the bank, but as it grows they wanted to be well-capitalized to take advantage, especially as it begins working with larger and larger customers.

He says he will be investing in areas you expect, like engineering and sales and marketing, but also wants to start hiring more data scientists to take advantage of the data the company collects as a by-product of their business to build additional features like LogRocket Metrics.