iOS 13.2.2 fixes bug that kills your background apps prematurely

Does it feel like your iPhone is being a little quick to shut down apps running in the background lately? Go update it.

Apple has just released iOS 13.2.2, which patches up this issue (which caused background apps to “quit unexpectedly”), along with a handful of other annoyances. While it doesn’t offer up anything in the way of big new features, it’s probably worth the update just to make multitasking work the way it’s supposed to.

Also getting fixed:

  • A bug that caused iPhones to “temporarily lose cellular service after a call”
  • A bug that causes certain emails (those that were S/MIME encrypted) to be unreadable
  • Issues with using Kerberos single sign-on in Safari
  • Issues with trying to charge while using a Lightning port-enabled Yubikey for two factor authentication

This patch comes just days after Apple shipped iOS 13.2, which, in addition to bringing a bunch of new emoji, flipped the switches that enabled Deep Fusion image processing on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. If you didn’t already upgrade to iOS 13.2, now’s the time … with the disclaimer that iOS 13.3 is already in developer beta, so it’ll probably land before too long.

As usual, the 13.2.2 update can be found under Settings > General > Software update.