Lyft replaces pricey All-Access monthly plan with Lyft Pink

When Lyft unveiled its All-Access plan last year, many were taken aback by the hefty price of $299 per month. Now, Lyft is ditching that plan and replacing it with Lyft Pink, which costs just $19.99. The perks of the membership differ, but this lower price point will likely prove to be much more of a win-win for Lyft and its riders.

Lyft Pink gets you 15% off on all car rides, three free bike or scooter rides per month, priority airport pickups, surprise offers and upgrades, relaxed cancellations, waived lost and found fees and other exclusive partnership benefits.

The All-Access plan took a different approach, offering 30 rides — up to $15 per ride — per month. Those who subscribed to All-Access will soon receive an enrollment offer for Lyft Pink.

Uber also offers a couple of subscriptions — Eats Pass for unlimited free Eats deliveries and Uber Pass for discounted and surge-free rides, free Eats deliveries, as well as free bike and scooter rides. Uber Pass costs $24.99 per month.

Lyft is taking names via its waitlist today and plans to start rolling out the memberships until it’s fully available throughout the U.S. later this year.