Luna Display now supports older Macs as a secondary screen

Secondary display companies are among the latest to get a taste of Sherlocking, after Apple introduced Sidecar as part of the recent Catalina update. Honestly, the feature is far and away the best thing about the latest version of MacOS and, as a number of third-party app developers have discovered over the decades, it’s hard to compete with native support.

For Duet Display, staying relevant meant adding Android tablet support. For Luna Display makers Astropad, it’s finding a way for users to dust off their old Macs. An update being released today brings the feature to the dongle-based technology. video to gif

Mac-to-Mac lets Luna users use older Mac models as second screens, so you can, say, wireless connect a MacBook to, say, a Mac mini, iMac or even another MacBook. It’s probably less handy for most users than simple iPad connectivity, but there’s something to be said for something that puts old systems to use. For Astropad’s sake, hopefully Apple doesn’t feel the same way for its next update. 

Per Astropad:

For example, if you have an iMac at your office, and a laptop that moves with you between work and home, pair your laptop with your iMac when in the office to make use of both devices. Or if you’re just working from home, pair your laptop to your iMac or Mac Mini and harness the power of those super computers from your comfy sofa. Get yourself a snack in the kitchen without having to miss a beat when your co-worker sends you a funny dog GIF! The possibilities are endless!

The primary system needs to run El Capitan or later and the second needs to be on Mountain or newer. The connection works tethered or over Wi-Fi. The company’s also offering a 25% discount on Luna for the next couple of days.