Google Home Mini is now Nest Mini

Google this morning unveiled the long-awaited follow-up to the Home Mini. The latest version of the company’s wildly popular entry-level smart speaker has been rebranded the Nest Home Mini, in keeping with the branding refresh of its smart home offerings. The new version of the device looks a lot like its predecessor, but features a number of internal upgrades.

Chief among the changes are improved sound and built-in machine learning that lets the device adapt power based on usage. The new version of the Mini smart speaker also doubles as an intercom and a conferencing speaker, so users can call the device directly, using Duo.

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The most fun addition here, however, is the wall mount. With it, users can move the device from the shelf to the wall, giving it a greater flexibility for in-home placement. The Nest Mini’s familiar fabric covering is made using recycled bottles, as noted earlier in today’s event, in keeping with the company’s increased focus on sustainability.

The new Mini arrives October 22, priced at a tempting $49 — the same as its briskly selling predecessor. Seems like a pretty safe bet that Google will sell a ton more of these things at that price point. Along with the new Mini, Google’s also adding smart speaker functionality into the new Nest Wifi, which arrives early next month.