Flir purchases IP and assets from defunct drone company, Aria

Back in March, Aria Insights suddenly went dark. The news was a bit of a surprise from a startup that had just announced a name change and pivot in tech focus. Today, thermal imaging company Flir announced that it has acquired the intellectual property and some operating assets from the former company.

Flir, best known for its thermal imaging cameras, has become increasingly invested in the drone category, including some high-profile partnerships with some of the industry’s biggest players like DJI and Parrot.

“Tethered UAS systems are becoming a more valuable tool for force protection, border security, and critical infrastructure protection,” Flir’s David Ray said in a release announcing the news. “Aria’s innovative technology and IP assets will enable us to enhance current capabilities and advance the range of solutions we can deliver to customers in this growing market segment.”

The acquisition follows another high-profile purchase by the company, which picked up iRobot military spin-off Endeavor Robotics, back in March. Aria Insights has strong iRobot connections, as well. The startup was founded in 2008 as CyPhy Works by iRobot co-founder, Helen Greiner. After Greiner left, however, the former drone hardware company pivoted to data collection, a matter of months before shutting down.

“We’re pleased to complete the sale of our assets to Flir Systems,” former Aria Insights CEO Lance VandenBrook said in a release. “We are proud of the technology our team developed through the operations of CyPhy Works and Aria, and we believe Flir offers the best opportunity to see it make a difference and support critical missions in the years ahead.”