Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator introduces 14 new startups at demo day

The Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, based in New York, is ready to once again unveil its latest class of startups. Thus far, ERA has produced 190 startup which have raised more than $450 imllion in capital and exceed $2 billion in valuation collectively, according to the accelerator.

So without any further ado, let’s take a look at these new startups:

CoolR is tackling the CPG retail and beverage industries with a machine learning platform that’s meant to not only track inventory and shelf performance but also detect planogram non-compliance, foreign products and pricing inconsistencies. The company does this by combining its machine learning platform with hardware such as wireless cameras and sensors.

Everybody loves online shopping, but no one likes dealing with returning unwanted products. Cricket Returns is looking to solve that by allowing retailers to optimize their online return policies based on the product, category, place and/or time. Cricket Returns is easily integrated with Shopify merchants and the company says it delivers a measurable ROI improvement for managing and accepting returns.

FoodFul is bringing tech to the dairy farm with the DairyX product. It uses sensors and cloud-based software to monitor cow health and measure feed efficiency, saving the farmers from making extra on-farm visual inspections and giving them the tools to make data-driven decisions.

Intenseye is focused on improving workplace safety through a machine-learning video analytics platform. The company allows manufacturing facilities to link their existing video infrastructure to the Intenseye cloud platform that analyzes worker body posture, protective equipment and danger zone violations in real time.

Maia is an employment platform that allows employers to capture and engage with the 92 percent of people that visit a job application site but don’t apply. The system integrates with an employer’s career site and offers exit forms for folks leaving without applying, giving them the opportunity to be on tap for future employment options, as well.

Much like ZocDoc connects patients to the right doctor, My Wellbeing is looking to connect therapists and mental health professionals with their clients. Therapists get new client leads and access to a professional community of other vetted therapists, and clients can find the right therapist using the My Wellbeing matching technology.

Navimize is a platform that will help healthcare professionals minimize wait times for their patients. The software integrates with electronic medical records systems to detect, and even predict, delays in real times and notify upcoming patients of those delays, allowing them to show up at the exact right time.

Polymer wants to bring the power of big data analytics and data science to small data, like raw spreadsheets in Excel, Google Drive or Salesforce. Polymer search users can visualize their small data, ask complex questions, and automatically receive insights about their data with absolutely no coding whatsoever.

Recapped is a communication platform for enterprise deals that consolidates the communication between salespeople and clients. Salespeople can simply create an action plan to close the deal and share a link with clients. Rather than hopping between tools like Zoom, Dropbox, Docusign, email, etc, Recapped allows both parties to collaborate on next steps for a deal much more efficiently by simply integrating with those tools in a single place.

She’s Well is a concierge service for women and couples seeking professional fertility services. The platform connects users to a wide variety of service providers, including IVF, egg freezing, and wellness coaching. She’s Well tries to bring pricing transparency to the industry by aggregating the nation’s largest network of fertility centers, labs, and financing partners.

Sigo is looking to offer insurance in a new way. The company offers mobile-first non-standard auto insurance to Spanish-speaking drivers. The demographic may have limited insurance histories, and Sigo uses data to provide non-standard, lower-cost policies offering quotes that are bilingual, clear, and compliant without charging extra to drivers.

Stix is a new d2c brand looking to offer products in the women’s health category, starting with pregnancy tests. The company delivers the product discreetly and conveniently at an affordable price point. The hope is to make awkward pharmacy visits a thing of the past.

Techmate offers on-demand technical support to businesses with remote workers and satellite offices. The company matches customers with a vetted, qualified technician within two hours by factoring in office location, appointment time and job scope.

Tembo Health is a telemedicine company serving retirement homes, senior care centers and skilled nursing facilities to connect patients with specialty services like psychiatry and cardiology. The platform connects the specialists to patient data and collaborates with the nursing staff to provide better care plans.