BetterCloud adds Integration Center to help developers build and share integrations

BetterCloud started out as a way to add a missing operations layer on top of Google G Suite. Later it added support for other SaaS tools, and last year it built an API, so developers could build integrations on top of BetterCloud. Today, it announced a new Integration Center, a place where users can build and share integrations with the community.

Last year’s API announcement was really aimed at developers building integrations for a particular company. Today’s announcement is about sharing connectors and having a central place to exchange them, says BetterCloud’s chief product officer, Jim Brennan.

“We’re launching the new BetterCloud Integration Center, which is a single place for users to discover, install and configure any integration. Those integrations can be built by us, or now they can also be the integrations built by the community, because our users now have the ability to share anything they’ve built using that API [we announced last year],” Brennan explained.

In addition to having a place to exchange the integrations, the company has tried to make it easier to build them by offering a step-by-step approach for those who need it, while leaving power users to use the API. Brennan says the original API involves more intensive developer knowledge, while also requiring you to go to a separate developer portal. The new experience is not only simpler, it’s also integrated right inside BetterCloud.

To show how these integrations work, the company is including 32 integrations out of the box to such popular services as Zoom, Atlassian, GitHub, PagerDuty, Intercom, AWS, Tableau, Duo, Splunk and Datadog.

BetterCloud was founded in 2011. It has raised almost $107 million, according to Crunchbase data. Its most recent round was a $60 million Series E led by Bain Capital Ventures in 2018.