Amazon’s new Echo Dot with Clock is a new Echo Dot that has a clock

Today’s deluge of Amazon hardware kicked off with a new addition to the Echo Dot line, the Echo Dot with Clock. That’s it. That’s the name. It is, as advertised, an Echo dot with a digital alarm clock built into the front, next to the speaker grille.

The new version of Amazon’s insanely popular entry-level smart speaker doesn’t replace the current Dot, but will instead exist alongside it in the company’s current Echo lineup. It’s available for pre-order starting today, priced at an extremely reasonable $59 — that’s $10 more than the standard Dot.

Like the Echo Spot and Echo Show 5, the Echo Dot with Clock seems well-suited to serve as a bedside alarm clock. Though, honestly, the lack of a display and camera could make it even more appealing for that purpose, given the laundry list of privacy concerns the company laid out at the top of the event.

The addition of a built-in clock also gives the product added utility beyond serving as a smart speaker. It’s a clever touch and Amazon’s bound to sell a ton of the things.