Amazon introduces an Alexa-compatible smart oven

The Alexa microwave admittedly seemed a bit goofy when Amazon introduced it at an event this time last year. But low-cost coupled with the company’s built-in promotional machine have made it the best-selling microwave on the site — that’s no small feat.

Now it’s returning with the Amazon Smart Oven. From the look of it, the product is a much cheaper take on devices like the June Oven. The device adds convection cooking, air frying and food drying to existing microwave functionality.

The product also represents a nice bit of cross-brand synergy, using the Alexa app or Echo Show camera to scan in labels from Whole Foods products and set itself accordingly. Amazon says the “scan to cook” feature works with “hundreds of different Whole Foods products.”

The Smart Oven is available for pre-order today at $250. Orders include a free Echo Dot, because why not?