Spotify adds two personalized playlists focused on your repeat listens

Spotify is expanding its selection of personalized playlists with this morning’s launch of two new additions: On Repeat and Repeat Rewind. Both are focused on helping you revisit the songs you have kept replaying at various times.

The former, On Repeat, will deliver your current obsessions — that is, the tracks you’ve played the most over the past 30 days. This playlist will auto-update as you continue to listen to more music. However, the playlist is not genre-specific, so for those with broad musical tastes and interests, it could be a little disjointed.

Meanwhile, Repeat Rewind is a way to return to your most recently loved songs from over a month ago. That means it’s not quite as current as On Repeat, but will help you revisit some of your all-time favorites.

Like On Repeat, the playlist isn’t limited by artists, mood or genre. And it will update every five days, Spotify says.

There won’t be any overlap in the two playlists, either, which will make them useful additions for any regular Spotify listeners.

The playlists join Spotify’s growing collection of personalized playlists, headlined by Discover Weekly. They’ll be available in the “Made for You” hub in the Spotify app, where you’ll find Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Your Summer Rewind, Your Daily Drive and others. The playlists will also sit in the “Uniquely Yours” shelf on the app’s home section.

Spotify’s personalized playlists are one of its top-selling features and a reason why it’s difficult for users to jump ship to a Spotify competitor.

They also tend to inspire rivals’ own efforts in personalized music. Just a few days ago, for example, YouTube Music began rolling out a “Discover Mix” playlist, which is basically its own version of Discover Weekly. And a few years ago, Apple Music did much of the same with its launch of “My New Music Mix.”

The new playlists are live now across platforms.