Discover the Extra Crunch stage at Disrupt SF this October

Here at Extra Crunch, our mission is to help founders and builders create compelling products, learn best practices from Silicon Valley, and ultimately grow their creations into global-scale companies. Day-to-day, we do that through the member-exclusive articles we post on Extra Crunch, from using Amazon to build a DTC brand to raising revenue-based venture capital, to learning how the founders of rising startups like PatreonNianticRoblox, and Kobalt have built their businesses.
I am super excited that we are going to debut a whole new stage this year at TechCrunch Disrupt SF that focuses on exactly these sort of founder-centric issues. On the Extra Crunch stage, we want to go behind-the-scenes of how some of the most successful startups have grown, fundraised, recruited, and ultimately exited — what are the lessons learned? What would the founders, builders, and leaders of these organizations have done differently?


Clearly, there is huge interest from folks to give back their knowledge to founders, because we have a deeply talented and experienced slate of folks joining us this year. Here are just some of the great panels you can look forward to:
Building delightful products is the first critical test of a new startup, but finding product-market fit and then growing active users can often remain a huge challenge for founders. We will host an energizing panel featuring Ravi Mehta, chief product officer (CPO) of TinderManik Gupta, CPO of UberDiya Jolly, CPO of Okta, and Robby Stein, director of PM for consumer at Instagram discussing the dynamics of iterating a product at scale, as well as the differences between markets and B2C and B2B products.
Building a strong team culture is one of the most important but ambiguous challenges facing any founder looking to scale his or her team. We are delighted to have Ray Dalio, one of the leading financiers of his generation as founder and head of Bridgewater and the author of company culture bestseller Principles, discussing how to build an open and transparent culture within a startup in conversation with Extra Crunch fintech columnist Gregg Schoenberg. If you haven’t already read our interview with Dalio, definitely take a sneak peek.
As you build your product and your team, the time might come to start to think about venture capital and how to fundraise. So just how do you raise your first VC dollars? We have Russ Heddleston, CEO of DocSend and frequent guest writer on Extra Crunch, talking with EC managing editor Eric Eldon about what the data of thousands of pitch decks show about how VCs engage with decks. How should you order your slides? What captivates a VC? And ultimately, how can you go from deck to check?
SaaS as a model for startups has gone from a strange business model that no one really understood to the darling of Wall Street. But how do you go from zero to a billion dollar SaaS businessNeeraj Agrawal of Battery Ventures is one of the most successful enterprise investors out there, having backed such startups as AppDynamicsBazaarvoiceGuidewireMarketoNutanix, and Omniture. He joins us in conversation with our enterprise reporter Ron Miller to discuss what SaaS startups need to do today to earn that coveted unicorn status.
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