Google’s Nest doorbell camera plan gets a package-detection feature

Nest’s transition into the broader Google brand portfolio could honestly be going a bit better. For its part, Google has promised that it will keep adding compelling software features into the ecosystem, and this morning’s announcement is a pretty good start.

The company just announced the addition of a package-detecting feature for Nest Hello users with an active Nest Aware subscription. The feature, which starts rolling out to users today, will use the doorbell camera to track package pickups and deliveries.

Among the more interesting bits here is the ability to draw “Activity Zones” in order to distinguished those places on one’s doorstep or porch where packages are usually delivered. This leverages an existing Nest Aware feature that works as follows:

Activity Zones can have your camera send alerts and mark your video history timeline when there’s important motion in the zone. You can set up your own custom zones, and in some cases, Nest will even do the work for you by automatically creating a zone over a spot we think you’d find interesting so alerts become more specific and meaningful.

When packages are delivered and picked up, Next Aware will send a notification. The app will note when the feature is live, and users can opt to turn it on or off. Per Google:

To get the most out of the feature we suggest users check that packages can be seen in Hello’s video stream and ensure the spot is well-lit. If not, you may need to install a wedge to change Hello’s angle (a complementary wedge comes with the device), or remove the object that blocks the package from Hello’s view.