Poolside.fm is the most fun you will have on the internet today

Hey, the internet can be a heavy place — especially these past few years. But sometimes, it still delivers the goods: Poolside.fm is the goods. This website is a time machine to a simpler time in computing, recreating a late ’80s desktop in your browser window, complete with the perfect soundtrack and non-stop low-fi period-appropriate videos.

Poolside.fm itself isn’t new (the site originally launched in 2014), but this new design based on the classic Mac OS takes it to a new level. It’s the product of a group of designers and developers, including Niek Dekker, Lewis King and Marty Bell, and this fresh look is everything — plus, you can change the theme if you want to make it even more personalized.

The “audio player app” has a few different stations, and if you want to get even more serious about it, you can sign up for an account and save tracks to your own playlist. Even without an account, you can share with friends via a link your favorite tracks from the three stations (Poolside.fm and new stations Hangover Club and Tokyo Disco).

In short, it’s the browser tab you’ll love rediscovering mid-workday after losing track of it in a mess of open work tabs, and it’s ideal for a background soundtrack that’s always good without you having to think about it.