AWS launches a new tool to help you optimize your EC2 resources

Here is a small but potentially handy update if you’re an AWS EC2 user. The company today launched a new feature called “EC2 Resource Optimization Recommendations,” which does exactly what the name promises. It’s not flashy, it’s not especially exciting, but it may just save you and your company a good amount of money (and maybe that’ll get you that raise you’ve been hoping for).

The resource optimization tool will look at your EC2 usage and give you personalized recommendations to find idle and underutilized instances. To do this, it looks at your usage history, CloudWatch metrics and your existing reservations.

Screen Shot 2019 07 10 at 11.20.43 AM 1024x426

When it finds an idle instance, that is, one that has lower than 1% maximum CPU utilization, the tool will recommend that you shut it down. No surprises there. When it finds underutilized instances, it’ll present you with three different sizes that you can move to that’ll likely fit your usage patterns better than your current plan.

One caveat: this feature currently works for all standard EC2 instances, but it’s not available for GPU-based instances yet.

This new feature is now available to all AWS users. You can find it in the AWS Cost Management suite, where it’ll join the rest of AWS’ tools for keeping an eye on your budget and how you’re spending it. Nobody has ever accused AWS of having a straightforward pricing structure, so any little thing helps to make managing all of these resources a bit easier.

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