You can now register for the Minecraft Earth closed beta

Take the real-world exploration of Pokémon GO and mash it up with the building elements of Minecraft and you get Minecraft Earth.

While there’s no launch date for the game, Mojang has been saying for a while now that a closed beta would go live sometime “this summer.” If you’re looking to get in early, good news: they just opened up registration.

You can find the beta registration page here.

Alas, because it’s a closed beta, registering doesn’t guarantee you access — but in its FAQ about the beta, the team notes that they’re planning to open it up to “hundreds of thousands of players” eventually, so your odds of getting in probably aren’t too bad. You’ll need to be over the age of 18, have a device running iOS 10/Android 7 or newer and a Microsoft or Xbox Live account to get registered.

TechCrunch’s Devin Coldewey got a super-early look at the game back in May — you can find his thoughts on it right over here.

Mojang also released a video teaser this afternoon, wrapping up much of what the game will offer in just under three minutes: