Google debuts ‘Code with Google’ coding education resource for teachers

Google is offering a new coding resource for educators via Code with Google, which collects Google’s own free course curriculum on teaching computer science and a variety of programs to help students learn to code or build on their existing skills, with stuff for people at all levels of ability.

The Code with Google resources extend beyond just learning, however, and include potential scholarships, for instance, was well as summer programs, internships and residencies.

In a blog post, Google VP of Education and University Relations Maggie Johnson noted that while recognition of the importance of computer science across all levels of education is relatively high, the actual availability of courses that include hands-on programming for students is surprisingly low, and generally only accessible to students in more affluent districts with access to more resources.

All of Google’s Code with Google resources are free, in keeping with many of its other educational offerings, as it continues to drive its education tech leadership position combined with affordable Chromebooks for schools. Google also announced a $1 million grant to the Computer Science Teachers Association alongside the unveiling of this new resource.

Google is smart to continue to approach its education strategy through free resources and easy-to-use, cloud-based software that is accessible to a broad range of both educators and students at all skill and expertise levels.