Lotus’ first electric hypercar finally has a name

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is shaping up to be a big moment for Lotus. The company is finally taking “some” of the wraps off of its first major model launch — and its first electric hypercar — under the new ownership of Geely.

And now, one day before attendees will get a glimpse, Lotus has given it a name. The vehicle, previously referred to as Type 130 electric hypercar, will be named the Lotus Evija. And in case you’re wondering, Lotus says it’s pronounced ‘ev-eye-a.”

The name means “the first in existence” or “the living one,” according to Lotus. And it’s certainly an apt name for the vehicle.

There’s a lot riding on the success of this vehicle, which will have a limited production run. Lotus Cars CEO Phil Popham noted that the Evija “will re-establish our brand on the global automotive stage.” So, no pressure.

Lotus won’t fully reveal the Evija at Goodwood. No, a hypercar debut requires months of hints and teasers. But attendees who go to the Lotus stand will get to view what is being described as a “dramatic light show” that will show new details of the exterior design.

The Lotus Evija will be unveiled in full in London later this month.

Lotus is expected to start production of the Evija in 2020. Only 130 of the vehicles will be produced at the Lotus factory in Hethel, Norfolk.