Uber brings bikes and scooters, including Lime’s, to the forefront

Uber is taking another step to more fully integrate micromobility into its core services. Today, Uber is now showing JUMP bikes, scooters and Lime scooters in the main map you see when you first open the Uber app in Atlanta, Ga. and San Diego, Calif.

1 1This is the first time Uber has so prominently displayed a third-party’s services within its own app. Uber has offered apps through its partner Lime for a few months now, but this is the first time it’s so prominently displayed. Additionally, Lime has added Uber branding to its scooters in these cities. This comes about one year after Uber and Lime officially partnered.

“The hope is that people are aware of all the options they have and they can choose the best option for them,” Uber Head of New Mobility Platform Billy Guernier told TechCrunch.

With new mobility offerings displayed more prominently, Guernier expects to see some of the usage shift from cars to bikes and scooters. When Uber added JUMP bikes to the app in San Francisco, for example, Guernier said the company saw “real movement from the rides business to the new mobility business.”

Down the road, the plan is to roll out this feature more broadly, but there’s no timeline on when that will be.