Apple snuck a Raptors tribute into its Canadian home page

The Toronto Raptors won the 2019 NBA Championship last night, which is probably not news to you if you’re A) Canadian (like me) or B) a basketball fan. But unless you’re starting your Friday off shopping for Apple gear on their Canadian website, you might not have noticed this subtle Easter egg.

If you go to, which is the Canadian localized version of Apple’s home page, you’ll be greeted by a fleeting animation that pushes down from the top of the screen and lasts only a moment — at first I was confused and only half-paying attention so I figured it was some kind of weird Father’s Day promotion.

Then I reloaded and watched again and noticed that the animation was actually made up of swirling dinosaur, Canadian flag and basketball emojis. Because I’m super smart, it only took me about 15 more minutes to put all the pieces together with last night’s NBA Championship final and the basketball team that calls my city home.

Anyways, it’s fun, and probably done with the approval of headquarters in Cupertino — though there’s likely a fair number of Golden State fans there who aren’t thrilled at the reminder of who took home the win.