It’s 2019 and the Nintendo Wii still isn’t dead

The Nintendo Wii still has some play left in it.

It was already ridiculous that Just Dance 2019 supported the Nintendo Wii, even after axing PS3 support, but now the 2020 version of the dancing video game is still supporting the aged system, Ubisoft said onstage at its E3 press conference.

Just Dance 2020 has some real diversity in its system support. It will be coming to Stadia, Wii, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in November.

The console originally launched in 2006 is far from powerful, but its popularity with an unconventional crowd is bringing it staying power that its successor the Wii U apparently did not have.

At this point, Ubisoft is probably holding onto the title for at least a little bit of notoriety though I’m sure some of those Wii customers that weren’t traditional “gamers” are probably still a solid audience for this quirky title.

Long live the Wii.