tvOS gets support for multiple users, Xbox and PlayStation controllers

Apple announced the next major release for tvOS, the operating system for the Apple TV. The home screen has been slightly redesigned with autoplaying full screen previews. I hope you’ll be able to disable autoplaying videos, as many people already hate those video previews on Netflix.

tvOS will support multiple users so that your “Up Next” queue is personalized to your tastes. It works pretty much like profiles on Netflix and other streaming services. You swipe from the right to open a new Control Center panel.

Apple already announced Apple Arcade, its subscription service for video games. Apple Arcade will also work on the Apple TV. It means that you’ll be able to play 100-plus premium games for a flat monthly fee.

Gaming on the Apple TV has always been a bit wonky because there’s no controller in the box. But the next version of tvOS will support two new popular controllers — PlayStation 4 controller and Xbox One controllers.

Finally, there will be a new screensaver with undersea footage. But I’m more excited about controller support to be honest.