Amazon just launched a $90, 5.5-inch Echo Show

Amazon just announced a 5.5-inch Echo Show model with a $90 price tag, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention right out of the gate how much the thing looks like that new Google Assistant-sporting Smart Clock. These things happen, of course. Call it convergent evolution if you will — as a matter of fact, something similar occurred with Lenovo Smart Clock and standard Facebook Portal. Everyone wants to be like Lenovo, I suppose.

The Echo Show 5 (that’s “five” for inches, not generation or fighting) doesn’t replace any existing Amazon smart screen, even though the price point will no doubt make many think twice about the $130 Spot.

Unlike, say the Google Home Hub, there’s a camera built-in here, though Amazon’s clearly heeded customer feedback by adding a shutter for extra privacy. Also new on that front are the “Alexa delete everything I said today” and “Alexa delete what I just said” features, which are coming soon — again, no doubt by popular request.

The company doesn’t seem to be positioning this as a bedside alarm clock as it did with the Spot, but it should scratch that itch for more users (especially with the new camera shutter), along with your standard array of smart home controls and the ability to view on the small screen feeds from security (Ring) and baby (Arlo) cameras.

Like other Amazon displays, it’s got basic touchscreen functions, which are now coupled with a bunch of different customizable faces. The Show 5 is up for pre-order today and starts shipping in June (with additional markets coming in July). There’s also an optional $20 magnetic stand for adjusting viewing/camera angles.