Huawei reassesses FedEx relationship over ‘misrouted’ packages

Huawei is understandably reexamining a number of relationships in the wake of a recent U.S. trade ban. While various component and software providers, including Google and ARM, have suspended dealings with the Chinese hardware giant, the latest issue comes from an altogether different source. 

The company told Reuters this week that it’s reassessing its relationship with FedEx after the delivery company misrouted a handful of packages. Huawei says the packages contained documents, rather than specific technologies covered by the current Trump ban.

“The recent experiences where important commercial documents sent via FedEx were not delivered to their destination, and instead were either diverted to, or were requested to be diverted to, FedEx in the United States, undermines our confidence,” a rep for the company said. “We will now have to review our logistics and document delivery support requirements as a direct result of these incidents.”

FedEx has since apologized for the error on Chinese social media, stating its “regret” over the “inadvertently misrouted” packages. The company went on to explain that the issue was not the result of external pressure — no doubt addressing concern that the U.S. government may have played a role in the issue.

It remains to be seen whether Huawei will accept the apology. The company, which has long denied its own ties to the Chinese government that have put it under international scrutiny, is no doubt skeptical of its remaining relationships with U.S.-based corporations.