Invites are out for Apple’s June 3 WWDC keynote — there will be unicorns

Apple’s WWDC keynote invites just went out, with only a couple of weeks to spare. The company’s graphic designers appear to be having some fun this time out, with a mind-blown rainbow unicorn, losing the Apple, Swift and App Store icons among others.

Indeed, iOS 13, watchOS 6 and macOS 10.15 are no doubt on the books for this year’s event. I’d anticipate a lot more from the Apple TV side of things as well, in the wake of the big event earlier in the year.

Last year’s big show was completely devoid of hardware, though that could certainly change. Apple’s interestingly been in the habit of announcing small releases just ahead of its big shows this year, and that continues with this week’s announcement of new MacBook Pros with faster processors and, more importantly, updated keyboards.

The big show starts at 10AM PT on June 3. We’ll be there — though I’m still trying to get my colleagues to bring their unicorn onesies. I’ll keep you posted.