‘Old Town Road’ finally gets the video treatment

From viral TikTok sensation to music’s number one smash hit, “Old Town Road” has taken the top spot in music’s cultural firmament relying on an incredible Nine Inch Nails sample, some old-fashioned controversy (it was barred from country music charts) and a remix with Billy Ray Cyrus.

So it’s only natural that the song that was created virtually and rose to No. 1 through online ubiquity would work its way backward through the traditional music industry’s playbook to finally, after weeks atop the Billboard charts, get its video treatment.

And what a video treatment it is. This video has everything. Horse chases, car races, gunfights, time travel and bingo.

Joining Lil Nas X is a cornucopia of famous faces from music and film, including Billy Ray Cyrus (of course), Chris Rock, Diplo, Vince Staples and Rico Nasty.

It’s been a long week, so take a break with a trip on the “Old Town Road.” It’s fun.