Equity transcribed: New a16z funds, a $200M round and the latest from WeWork and Slack

Welcome back to this week’s transcribed edition of Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast that unpacks the numbers behind the headlines.

This week, Crunchbase News’s Alex Wilhelm and Extra Crunch’s Danny Crichton connected from their respective sides of the States to run through a rash of news about Divvy, Cheddar, SoftBank’s Vision Fund and Andreessen Horowitz. Plus, they got into the WeWork IPO:

Alex: We should move on to a business that we’ve never talked about on the show before WeWork.

Danny: To be clear, it’s not WeWork. It is the WeCompany.

Alex: But you have to put in quotes because no one knows what that is.

Danny: Sounds like a rollercoaster manufacturing company. So give us the top line numbers cause I never get tired of hearing them.

Alex: No, no, no. First we have to tell them the news Danny, what is the news then I will do the numbers.

Danny: Okay so the news was, so they originally had filed privately with the SEC to do their S1 in December and they didn’t pull it right? Or are they sort of delayed it but you know these filings don;t just disappear from the SEC but they refiled their S1 earlier or according to, I believe the Wall Street Journal, on Monday and that means that they’re sort of ready to go public and probably updated it with their Q1 figures.

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