Showcase your startup — buy a demo table at TC Sessions: Mobility 2019

While we haven’t achieved Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the transporter beam (yet), mobility and transportation — and the tech that drives both — are undergoing a huge and rapid evolution. There’s no better place to see, share and learn about these revolutionary advances than at TC Sessions: Mobility 2019, a day-long conference that takes a deep dive into all things mobility.

If you’re an early-stage startup founder in either industry, there’s no better way to position your business in front of the most influential investors, media and technologists. Simply book a demo table and join us on July 10 in San Jose, Calif.

TC Sessions: Mobility 2019 will be packed with a veritable who’s who of mobility movers, shakers and makers. Consider just some of the speakers that are already announced:

  • Oliver Cameron, co-founder and CEO of Voyage, an autonomous driving startup making a big name for itself with a door-to-door self-driving taxi service. Cameron will discuss the company’s mission and its plans for the future.
  • Then there’s Jump founder Ryan Rzepecki — he sold his startup to Uber for about $200 million — and Katie DeWitt, the SVP of product at Scoot. These two visionary leaders will talk about the future of micromobility, including topics like asset management, unit economics, partnering with cities, data sharing and more.
  • You won’t want to miss what Amnon Shashua has to say about autonomous vehicle technology. The co-founder, president and CEO of Mobileye — and a senior vice president at Intel — will share his vision of the future. It includes using Mobileye sensors for mapping to improve operations between businesses and cities, which will help bring us closer to creating smart cities and safer roads.

That’s just a taste of the in-depth programming you’ll find at TC Sessions Mobility. We’re announcing more speakers, panelists and workshops every week. If you’d like to speak, demo your technology or nominate someone else, you can submit an application right here.

TC Sessions: Mobility 2019 goes down on July 10 in San Jose, Calif., with more than 1,000 members of the mobility community — founders, technologists, engineering students and investors — expected to be there.  This inaugural mobility event promises to be a highly focused, world-class networking opportunity. Don’t miss your chance to place your startup front and center. Book a demo table right now. Extra credit if your startup’s working on a transporter beam.

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