Pluralsight will acquire GitPrime for $170M

Pluralsight, an online training platform focusing on subjects like web development, IT certification and security training, announced today that it will acquire GitPrime, a dev team productivity tool, for $170 million in cash.

GitPrime is like an analytics dashboard for code projects. It watches your team’s code repositories on services like GitHub or Bitbucket, tracking things like user-by-user code commits over time, ticket activity and how different team members tackle things like pull requests. The idea is that by providing this data in a visual/at-a-glance way, it helps identify bottlenecks and highlight where your teams are most efficient.

The company was a part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2016 class, and Crunchbase indicates their most recent round was a $10.5 million Series A.

Pluralsight went public in May of last year. The company says this is its first acquisition post-IPO, and that they expect the deal to close by the end of next week.