Meet the 13 startups launching out of Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

The Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable Accelerator is today presenting yet another batch of startups to the world at its Demo Day in NYC. ERA has already launched a total of 180 startups which have raised more than $300 million and are collectively valued at more than $2 billion.

This sixteenth class is comprised of 13 companies across a variety of sectors, all of whom have received $100K in investment from the accelerator.

So without any further ado, here’s a look at the startups launching out of ERA today:

Apteo is a platform that helps financial institutions &mash; analysts, equity researchers, asset managers, etc. — make sense of all the data at their fingertips without actually hiring a data scientist. The key features of the product include continuously updated data (on the interval of your choice), automatically cleaned and normalized data, and easy-to-use access to troves of publicly available datasets.

CareSwitch matches home care agencies with qualified professionals. The platform gives agencies a reliable and steady stream of candidates to match supply with demand, and gives home care professionals the chance to work more flexibly across multiple agencies. The platform also manages payroll, benefits and employee records.

Cloudonix is a platform that facilitates and aggregates conversations between businesses and their consumers via voice, text, and video over IP.

Confetti is a product that helps companies with their various events. Event planners can specify the requirements around their event and then be matched with vendors. Confetti also generates proposals for the various vendors and handles the logistics for customers.

Riding the wave of investment in eco-friendly food, HoneyFlower Foods is offering plant-based, grab-and-go meals that are sold both through physical retailers or sold wholesale to offices.

Iterate Labs is a hardware company that has developed the Delta-1 wearable focused on improving workplace safety. The wrist-worn wearable tracks repetitive wrist and arm movement and lets managers track the safety of their employees from the moment they walk out on the floor for the first time.

Maverick Retirement offers customers a special bank account, either as an alternative or a compliment to an existing IRA, that allows those customers to choose their investments in assets such as real estate, technology startups, etc.

Moon is a new payments platform that allows online retailers to accept cryptocurrency for purchases. The Moon browser extension gives users the chance to attach their Coinbase account or other wallet to make transactions in crypto. For now, Moon is only operational on, but the company says it will soon roll out to “any of your favorite ecommerce websites.”

Pawlicy Advisor, a pet insurance broker, allows pet parents to select a plan that makes the most sense for their specific breed of animal and its respective health risks.

Piecewise is looking to make a different in the student debt crisis. The payment platform lets universities and financial institutions lower student loan default rates and manage their loan portfolios. Borrowers can save toward their loan payments via round-ups and auto-save features, as well as refinance their loans.

Scopio is looking to take on Shutterstock with its own platform of high-quality commercial images taken by social media users. The platform looks to offer a steady stream of fresh new images to clients at a fraction of the cost while allowing anyone to submit their own photos and make some extra cash.

Soundmind is a system that lets senior care providers manage and customize voice assistants to better serve their customers. The platform gives seniors the ability to simply ask about their daily schedule, what’s on the menu at dinner, or make a request from the staff. These queries are centralized for the organization’s staff so they can spend less time organizing and more time serving their clients.

Yogi is a tool that helps businesses aggregate and understand all the feedback that comes back about its product. This includes product reviews, customer interviews and survey results, usability tests and more. This information is pulled from all its various sources and translated into actionable insights.