Help TechCrunch find the best startup growth marketing agencies

While billions of people are now online, thousands of companies large and small are using every channel they can to reach them. Companies like Slack, Airbnb, Pinterest, Instagram and Dropbox have become dominant players in their market in the course of a few years, but how did they do it? As traditional marketing channels, like newspapers, TV and PR, become less effective, how do startups go from zero users to their first million customers?

Today, we’re launching a new initiative to help founders find the best growth marketing agencies in tech. If you’ve worked with a talented growth team that has helped your company scale, please fill out this two-minute nomination form.

Growth marketing is an interdisciplinary term that applies product management, engineering, analytics and marketing techniques to solve one of the most gnarly challenges for startups: getting more people to use your product.

While technological barriers are lower and digital marketing channels are more affordable, it’s still exceptionally difficult for early-stage companies to acquire, retain and monetize new users. Channels like SEO and email are saturated and newer marketing channels underperform over time. Entrepreneurs need to be more creative and strategic to win their market, and fortunately there are services that can help.    

Growth marketing is one of our latest efforts to make it easier and faster for founders to find the best service providers in the world. Whether it’s lawyers, brand designers or growth marketers, we rely on founder nominations, like yours, to determine who we feature on our shortlist of Extra Crunch Verified Experts.

So, if you’ve worked with an awesome growth marketing agency, fill out this nomination form, and be on the lookout for profiles of our top founder-approved agencies in the next few weeks.  

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