Calling all countries: Bring your best startups to exhibit at Disrupt SF 2019

Creativity knows no geographical borders, which is why we’re inviting countries from around the globe to bring their very best early-stage tech startups to Disrupt San Francisco 2019 on October 2-4. Join more than 1,000 startups and exhibit your country or region’s innovative tech, talent and expertise in Startup Alley — in your own country pavilion.

Organizing a sponsored pavilion in Startup Alley is an opportunity for your country or region to step onto the international stage, showcase its emerging companies and be recognized as a leader in tech innovation. Country or regional pavilions can include delegations of international startup groups, government innovation centers, incubators and accelerators.

Startup Alley — the pulsing heartbeat of every Disrupt — is about as prime a piece of real estate as you’ll find in the startup world. More than 10,000 Disrupt attendees will flow through the Alley — including hundreds of media outlets looking for a great story and investors looking for the next big thing. It’s networking nirvana, and the connections you make could place your country on the tech startup map.

One of your startups might even be considered for a Startup Battlefield Wild Card spot. Back in 2017, Recordgram earned the Wild Card spot — and went on to win the Startup Battlefield. Might lightning strike twice?

Here’s how country pavilions work. We offer one-day and three-day sponsor options. When you organize a three-day pavilion, you can bring a minimum of eight startups to exhibit in Startup Alley for all three days of Disrupt, and your logo will be included in Disrupt marketing materials. Each delegation startup receives two Founder passes, and each organizer receives four Innovator passes.

Organizers of a one-day pavilion can bring a minimum of eight startups to exhibit for one day in Startup Alley, and your brand will be included in Disrupt marketing materials (no logo). Each delegation startup receives three Founder passes if the pavilion contract is signed by August 30 — if not, they receive two Founder passes each. Each organizer receives two Innovator passes.

Interested in organizing a pavilion? Shoot us an email at, tell us about your delegation and where you’re from. We’ll provide information about the application process, other organizer perks and pricing. There’s only one caveat, and it’s not hard to meet. Each startup in your delegation must qualify as a Pre-Series A company.

When you’re not busy networking in Startup Alley, you and your delegation members can take in all that Disrupt SF 2019 offers. That includes the Startup Battlefield competition, watching the Hackathon winners present their new products, Q&A sessions and programming with the top names in tech across several different stages and interactive workshops and panel discussions focused on (but not limited to) these categories: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Biotech/Healthtech, Blockchain, Fintech, Gaming, Investor Topics, Media, Mobility, Privacy/Security, Retail/E-commerce, Robotics/IoT/Hardware, SaaS, Space, Social Impact & Education.

Disrupt San Francisco 2019 takes place October 2-4 at Moscone North. This is a great opportunity to show the international startup community the creative genius taking place in your country. Contact us today to learn more about organizing a country pavilion.

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at Disrupt SF? Contact our sponsorship sales team by filling out this form.