Don’t worry, RED’s $1,595 titanium Hydrogen One is finally shipping

I know it’s been tough. All the waiting. The sleepless nights. But fear not, the Titanium version of RED’s wholly ridiculous Hydrogen One is finally here. And yes, it costs as much as you remember.

The $1,595 phone is essentially the same as its $1,295 counterpart, save for the different material casing. That means the same ole Snapdragon 835 processor that it was announced with way back in 2017.

It’s a lot to pay for limited-edition novelty, especially when the whole “holographic” display ended up being a moderately interesting disappointment. We said as much in our review, and certainly weren’t alone in our thinking. Aside from an interesting phone design that can double as a blunt weapon in a pinch, there’s not really a lot to say about the thing.

There is some good news for the true believers who ordered one early, however. In addition to the aluminum version the company shipped to supporters, a free titanium model is supposedly on the way as well, according to The Verge.

If you’re not that lucky, you can purchase one now through RED’s site, for some reason.

You do you, friend.