Xbox One S is reportedly getting a disc-free version in May

The writing has been on the wall for physical media for a while now. In May, Microsoft is reportedly set to hammer another nail into that coffin with the launch of the Xbox One S All-Digital. As advertised, the latest version of the console will drop the Blu-ray drive in favor of an all downloadable experience.

Rumors about the XOSAD have been floating around since last year — when the console still went by the decidedly Top Gunny name of “Maverick.” A new report from Windows Central offers more insight into the system, along with a potential May 7 release date — which puts it roughly in line with those initial reports.

The system is said to offer 1TB of storage, which should serve players well in the transition away from discs. It also apparently will be bundled with a handful of download codes to get started, including Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves.

With the obvious lack of disc drive, the system looks more or less identical to the standard One S. As for pricing, we expect it to be more affordable than its predecessor. The move is part of a broader push from Microsoft to wean games off physical media. It’s a play that also includes digital-first services like the Xbox Game Pass.